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General Information

The herbal tea is best taken 30 minutes after breakfast and dinner for best results.

We suggest you to drink it on alternate days, right before jumping on the bed

No, herbs are known for being heaty, we don't suggest you consume them.

Yes! We carry the pride of making herbs based products. Our products do not contain any animal derived ingredients.

You can check your bmi with this formula BMI = Weight (kg) / [Height (m) x Height (m)] Or chat with us via whatsapp, our admin would be happy to assist.

All our products can be enjoyed by anyone ages 12 and over.

Our Ritz Enchantress products are designed to slot easily into your daily routine, for your best health and dream body. While all of our products can be used together, here is our suggested best routine for you. Herbal tea is suggested to be consumed twice daily, 30 minutes after breakfast and dinner. The X-flab is meant to be applied after your bath or pre workout and lastly, the kickstart is for alternate days.

Every individual has a different body type and therefore results may vary from customer to customer. While Ritz Enchantress products have helped thousands of people to achieve their dream body and ideal weight, we won’t be held responsible for results below customer expectation.

Shipping Information

You can now purchase our products directly from the website, authorized agents and cash & carry.

We ship worldwide!

Orders are usually posted during our next postage, within 1-3 business days unless it’s a preorder and stated otherwise.

We do not have a storefront and sell exclusively through our online store ritzenchantress.com and ship to customers' addresses.